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East Central University is recognized as one of Oklahoma’s premier regional universities. With a host of online degree programs, we offer an exceptional educational experience that prepares you to become an adaptable and innovative problem-solver in your career and the world. Our online programs extend our 100-year history of excellence to the digital sphere, readying students everywhere to go further and do more.

  • Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (hlcommission.org), a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Ranked among the top 60 public schools by U.S. News & World Report for 20231
  • Named one of the “15 Best Value Colleges and Universities in Oklahoma” by Best Value Schools in 20202

Online Graduate Degree Programs

Discover fully online programs that are flexible, affordable and fit your life.

  • Innovative curriculum to strengthen your professional skills
  • Designed for people who want to advance their careers in the field of criminal justice
  • Prepares graduates to become certified principals, vice principals or other administrative roles in K-12 schools
  • You can finish the program in 18 months
  • Aligns with the Educational Leadership Constituent Council standards
  • Readies working educators to sit for their librarian exam and become school library media specialists in grades PK-12
  • Offers 40 practicum hours that emphasize all areas of school librarianship, including technology
  • Specialized coursework in special education
  • Explores the unique learning abilities and psychological requirements of children with disabilities
  • Prepares professional educators for athletic leadership positions such as head coach or athletic director
  • Features a comprehensive curriculum with 100 hours of practical hands-on training
  • Aligns with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education standards and the North American Society for Sports Management standards
  • Trains students for environmental leadership roles in federal, state, nonprofit and industry settings
  • An interdisciplinary curriculum that helps graduates develop both research skills and political capacity for water advocacy
  • Prepares educational leaders with the required knowledge and skills to pass the Oklahoma certification test for school superintendents and qualify for career advancement
  • Complete this certificate program in as little as one year

In 1909, East Central University was established in eastern Oklahoma to provide teacher certification training. Since then, ECU has grown considerably and now offers many undergraduate and graduate degrees. As the alma mater of business leaders, elected officials, artists, scientists and astronauts, ECU continues to provide innovative learning experiences on campus and online.

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Continue Your Education in a Flexible Format

ECU’s online programs offer the ultimate flexibility. You will take classes in a format that allows you to advance your education and continue meeting your work and life commitments. In addition to convenience, you will benefit from rigorous academics and rewarding options for engaging classmates.

Online Courses That Transform Students into Problem-Solvers

Through our high-quality graduate programs, we train our students to make a positive impact in education, criminal justice and other crucial fields. You will benefit from an accelerated curriculum and innovative skill-building techniques to prepare for career advancement. Thanks to our forward-thinking approach, you will engage in courses that we adapt to the ever-changing world by offering the latest information and most relevant education available.

Select the Graduate Degree That Matches Your Career Goals

Our online graduate programs prepare you to make a difference for school systems, law enforcement agencies, environmental organizations and beyond. While seeking your degree online, you’ll access the same career preparation as students on campus, with additional flexibility for fitting your program into your schedule. Complete the form to request information about achieving your goals in the field that interests you.

10 Rewarding Careers for ECU Graduates

Ranked by the average or median salary.

  1. First-Line Supervisor: $98,760 per year3
  2. School Principal: $98,420 per year4
  3. City Manager: $90,955 per year5
  4. Curriculum Director: $73,932 per year6
  5. Director of Special Education: $73,678 per year7
  6. Instructional Designer: $65,504 per year8
  7. Special Education Teacher: $61,820 per year9
  8. Athletic Director: $61,481 per year10
  9. Librarian or Library Media Specialist: $61,190 per year11
  10. Nonprofit Program Manager: $55,216 per year12

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